We think that shopping is unavoidable in India. With all the beautifully decorates, hustle & bustled markets, shiny & eye catchy, traditional & handicraft products it’s simply irresistible. In India the markets are called as Bazaars.

We would always say - Avoid taking help of any person who claims to take you to cheap shops etc. They are commission agents and have huge commissions added to the cost of the product you buy. Bargaining is the golden rule in these bazaars. For the stuff which doesn’t have a fixed or marked price (especially in local markets), make sure you bargain (sometimes it’s overpriced by even 200%), look around many shops and then decide. For big branded shops or shopping malls – just forget the bargain rule and you can pay the written/ printed price. The best place to shop for Indian handicrafts, carpets, ivory or precious stones & jewelry is the government emporiums. The prices here are fixed and better deal than the vendors outside.

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